2017 Bahrain International Garden Show

Like every year, BK Greenhouses participated in the 2017 Bahrain International Garden Show (BIGS). It took place from 23rd-27th February 2017. This year’s presentation was special from any other year because it was the first time to focus on hobby greenhouses.

BK Gardenhouse is a new product of BK Greenhouses that was launched in 2016. It grew popularity within South Korea and now preparing to expand overseas.




Abdulkarim Hasan Ismaeel, vice president/partner of BK Greenhouses, had a lot of media attention.

Following the recent broadcasting in a morning news show about the BK Hydroponic center in Bahrain, Karim made another appearance on BTV (Bahrain TV) talking about the exhibition theme and recent performances of BK Greenhouses.










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