What we do

BK provides the most reliable and adaptable greenhouses for any climate. After 25 years' operation, BK has established successful greenhouses in more than 40 countries across the Middle East, the Americas, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

We are one of the world’s best hydroponic solution companies. We specialise in helping those who are looking for sustainable, efficient and profitable greenhouse systems - from experienced farmers to government and business investors worldwide.

BK has been delivering growing systems since 1991 and is equipped with the products, services and understanding of customer needs to provide a total agronomic solution. Small to large scale growing operations are easily managed using BK greenhouses.
Why choose BK

BK greenhouse solutions are simple, practical and cost effective, resulting in more production and less waste, allowing you a timely return on your investment.

Here are some of the benefits in choosing BK greenhouses:
Save energy, water and labour

BK supplies greenhouses with world-leading technology that uses the bare minimum of energy and water to produce food and plants. Not only is this kind to the environment, it also reduces cost in production.

BK uses the latest in automated sensor technology to control temperature, humidity, ventilation, shading and carbon dioxide levels. This results in reduced labour time and a smaller workforce, a significant advantage for business profitability.
Minimise risk and human error

Having a controlled and automated environment is the most reliable way to grow and produce. BK greenhouses will automatically shut, in the event of rain, or open, if the temperature becomes too hot. An alternative energy source is automatically used if there is a blackout. These are just some of the many ways BK optimises yield and safe production
Strong and weather-resistant

BK guarantees fresh production all year round with greenhouses that can operate in hostile summer and winter conditions.

With more than twenty-five years of experience, BK greenhouses have proven strength and durability through hail and snow storms, typhoons and extreme desert heat conditions. You can rely on a BK greenhouse.
BK was founded in 1991 in South Korea by SW Lee who is the current CEO of the company. At that time the business was providing irrigation systems and accessories to the domestic market before expanding to become a global operation. BK established the infrastructure and groundwork to successfully accomplish many multi-hectare projects around the world.