Greenhouse Structure

BK Greenhouses offers greenhouses in many sizes from hobby backyard to mega multi-hectare greenhouse projects, all designed to maximize performance. The best greenhouses need to be carefully designed according to local weather conditions. For each project inquiry, climate data is gathered for analysis by BK Greenhouses’ engineers and agronomists, who then put together the best match.
Multi-Span Greenhouses

- Each unit can be built up to 1 hectare
- Clever built-in structures for attaching equipment and plant hangings
- Provides excellent buffering for maximum plant growth
BK-STD Series
Suitable for professional growers of most plant varieties / 7m per span and 6m high
BK-WIND Series
Suitable for professional growers in windy areas / 7m per span and 5.5 m height / Designed to endure strong winds (110-150km/h)
BK-SNOW Series
Suitable for professional growers in heavy snow conditions / 7m per span and 5.5 m height / Reinforced for heavy snow (20-30cm)
Multi-Hectare Projects

Greenhouse layouts are designed for the most efficient management of propagation, traffic, sorting / packing /loading facilities, composting of waste plants, electric / mechanical workshops and worker areas. Integral control systems are used to collect information about the weather / feeding status and can be centralized to monitor each section by networked communication and zoomable HD video systems.
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Single Tunnels
For hobby growers / 6m wide and 3.4m high / Up to 500 square meters.
For hobby growers / 9m wide and 4.5m high / Up to 500 square meters.
Tunnel Clusters
For proffesional growers / 9m wide and 4.5m high per unit / Up to 1800 square meters.
BK Gardenhouse
BK Gardenhouse is a "Do it Yourself" Greenhouse for hobby growers, also for other multipurpose usages. It is 3.6m wide and 2.8m high. The length varies from 3.6m to 9.6m according to the model. There is a manual shading screen that can open and close and also zipper vents on the side and front/rear walls.
Wooden box packaging kit can be hand-held by two people and an installation instructions is included.
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Environment Control
Good environment control is key to growing success. BK Greenhouses offers centralized, world-class integral control systems. From a single point, users can easily check the feeding and closely monitor every greenhouse section using the integrated communication network, which even features zoomable HD cameras for even closer inspections.
Central Control Unit

BK Greenhouses’ fully automated control system has been designed to be simple and practical. There is no need for highly skilled staff. The system will keep the environment at optimal growing conditions for various crop types, minimising human error and the risk of major damage to plants. It can also be centralized to monitor each section by networked communication and automation is based on the data read by temperature, rain and time.
“ Automatic Environment Control ”

BK Research Center released BK Cooling Systems, which boasts the most leading-edge technology in the field. BK Cooling Systems are designed to maximize the energy efficiency and uses only 50% of electricity compared to other standard methods that don’t have automatic environment control.

Through BK Cooling Systems, BK Greenhouses was the first to commercially grow lettuce and strawberries in the Middle East. Using various types of evaporation technology, BK Cooling Systems is able to maintain low temperature conditions even under extreme desert heat at minimum cost.
Fan and Pad Cooling
Proper combination of 3D Honeycomb pad designs, irrigation, airflow and evaporation technology result in the world’s best cooling system which ismost effective in cooling/energy saving in conjunction with our shading and roof fan systems.
Shading Screen
These curtains open and close automatically (or manually) to prevent direct sunlight. Cooling effect is at its best with forced heat suction from roof vent fans.
Fogger Cooling
Another option for cooling is the BK Greenhouses Fogger Cooling System which is suitable for semi-hot areas. Fogger nozzles can be installed with circulation fans or ducted fan coil heaters.

For cold climate countries, BK Greenhouses offers fully automated heat-retaining greenhouse systems. Unlike most other thermal curtains in the industry, BK Greenhouses provides a double thermal curtain system without any drawbacks to the growth of crops. We offer a variety of options for heating depending on the local environment. Gas, Diesel, LNG, LPG or even coal boilers are available.
Fan-Coil Heaters
Fully automated through four time zones during
the day for optimal metabolism
Horizontal Curtains
Dual curtain system which includes clear curtains
for maximum growth in the morning.
Air Circulation

Proper air-flow design is critical to growing crops. It relates to disease control, temperature control and CO2 supply which are all crucial factors in farming.
BK Greenhouses’ electric winders enable temperature sensored automatic vent controls for side and roof vents. Light and small yet strong enough to open up to 120m of vent line in one piece.
Roof & Shutter Fans
Enables plants to grow well even at high temperatures and humidity by removing the hot air caught at the ceiling.
Circulation Fans
Circulates the air in the greenhouse for sufficient CO2 supply, excessive moister removal and cooling.
Other Systems

For cold climate countries, BK Greenhouses offers fully automated heat-retaining greenhouse systems. Unlike most other thermal curtains in the industry, BK Greenhouses provides a double thermal curtain system without any drawbacks to the growth of crops. We offer a variety of options for heating depending on the local environment. Gas, Diesel, LNG, LPG or even coal boilers are available.
CO2 Generators
Used to boost growth on winter mornings. The BK CO2 generator can also be used as an auxiliary heater.
Provides extra light to plants in high altitudes or areas with short day-time. Lightings are operated with sensors or a time interval.
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Cultivation Systems
Along with environment control, cultivation systems is a crucial area for BK Greenhouses. BK Greenhouses provides a wide range of cultivation systems with fully automated fertigation systems, which include but are not limited to: trough hydroponics for vegetables, flow beds, triplee trough systems, nurseries, NFT hydroponics, soil cultivation and bag cultivation.

BK Greenhouses highly recommends hydroponic systems, which delivers far better results compared to soil cultivation. Some of the great advantages of hydroponic systems include higher productivity, less disease, more growing control and less labour.
Trough Hydroponics
1) Fruit Vegetables
This is the safest option in terms of disease transmission, also the most popular cultivation system for vine crops because of its low running cost, high productivity and easy maintenance. BK Trough Beds are designed by Dr. Park Sang-keun, a pioneer in Korean greenhouse technology.
2) Cut Flowers
Dual elevated beds which are designed for the easiest plant management in terms of bed preparation and harvesting.
3) Low crops (Strawberries)
The BK Triplee Trough System maximizes the production per square meter with minimum loss of light.
NFT Hydroponics
Best option to produce leafy vegetables all year round at any climate. High initial investment but very low running cost makes this a highly profitable growing system. This is due to the savings in fertilizers and water, as well as the ease of running once the operation formulas have been set up.
Easy to move seedling trays on rust-free galvanized pipe surfaces. Three-legged strong structure consists of rust-free galvanized pipes. Seedling trays easily move along the benches which is accessible from both sides. Overlapping mist sprayers give uniform irrigation from above.
Soil Cultivation
For low initial investment and versatility of crop types. Drip Irrigation systems can be added.
Bag Cultivation
This is also for low initial investment, yet minimizes disease transmission compared to soil cultivation.
Ebb & Flow Hydroponics
Ideal for small pot crops such as pot flowers and nurseries. This system is guaranteed to wet root zones perfectly, without wetting the leaves and stems.
Ideal for root crops such as seed potatoes, ginger and ginseng. Aeroponics sprays water to root zones at intervals, providing maximum oxygen to the roots
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